Ezra on the US executive branch at war with its own constitutional protections

This is really good in that great and terrible way.

And in case anyone is in doubt of Obama’s casual contempt for the US 1st amendment, they may want to watch this:

I think the US is so damaged by Obama that a single election will not be able to fix it. Remember, it took the Taliban a few hours or maybe a couple of days to destroy the 100 foot high stone Buddhas. It must have taken those Buddhists centuries to make them.

To put it another way, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it was burned in one.

Whoever takes over the US needs the kind of vision and leadership not to mention being sufficiently inspirational, to get people back to real education and Jeffersonian liberalism. This is a lot harder than tricking Americans into ignoring their own constitution by counting on people’s lack of understanding of its value and meaning.

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  1. As is usual the left is lying to achieve their goals. The left has been wanting to crack down on the net and free speech for a long time, they are simply taking advantage of the riots to try and shut up their political enemies.

  2. Hello there my friends…..

    Were I one of the staff officers at this meeting my actions would have been,

    To lock and load my 1911/1918 pistol and to inform Sarah Chayes that I was arresting her on charges of high treason and sedition.

    I would then instruct members of the USMC to enter the office of the POTUS and arrest him and Hillary Clinton on the same charges

    I would then take command of the US military and begun a series of mass arrests with the bureaucracy? and the government, the rest, as they say, would be history.

    Following the arrests I would stand these treacherous reptiles before a military tribunal where, after a speedy trial, they would be convicted of treason and sedition.

    I would then have them immediately executed for their crimes.

    Mass arrests and trials of other traitors like Keith Ellison, Joe Biden, Barney Frank and so many many others would follow, with the? same conclusion upon their conviction.

    I would then turn my attention to the members of CAIR, ISNA and so many others.

    The ring leaders of these so called “muslim ambassadors” like CAIR and the Ickwan, would face execution for treason. Plain and simple, and rest assured, they would be executed.

    I would then pass laws banning all forms of islamic jurisprudence within the United States, making the same a capitol offence punishable by death.

    I would then order? that every muslim gathering place and mosque be burned to the ground.

    The remaining muslims in North America would be rounded up and deported.

    All property and assets of the muslims would be liquidated in order to pay for their MAID? (Muslim Arrest Incarceration Deportation)

    The remaining balance after their deportation would be transferred to the state for reparations paid to the global victims of terrorism.

    I know there are senior staff officers within the American military who are reading my words…

    To them I say:



    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada


    Oh and by the way…..

    Compared to the enthusiasm and efficacy I would bring to the forum of settling long overdue debts, the four horsemen? would be rank amateurs, astride their pale mounts, taking notes and standing slack-jawed and wide eyed with incredulity at the course of action that, after we had cleaned house in America, would sweep across the Middle East and north Africa……

    Every budding Jihadist and bush league, mumble-mouthed, ham fisted product of incest that worshiped muhammad, or as Pamela Geller so aptly called them “Savages”…..would, like the giggling little girls of Al Shabab and Boko Haram, end up as low grade, soil enriching plant fertilizer….

    In short, the entirety of islam and all its worshipers would be little more than a bad dream and a scary bedtime story to tell poorly behaved children for the next thousand millennial…..

  3. America has been so damaged by the Dems AND the Republicans, particularly the RINOs: George Bush Sr., Imam George Bush Jr., James Baker III, that I do not believe that it will recover without the use of effective violence.

    I see them all on the same team and that team is not the USA. The invasion of Afghanistan could not be avoided but the confused invasion of Iraq could have been or at least run much differently like allowing the soldiers to kill.

    Both were so badly managed and so many soldiers wounded and killed in ways that could have been avoided or at least diminished by keeping the soldiers out of the cities ( which should have been flattened with the USAF that was seemingly mothballed after 2004).

    Now Iraq is burned out tribal medieval place with at best a 1925 economy and Iran is firmly in the power mode. Did Bush foresee this? Did Carter see this?

    Yes Obama is a gutless disgraceful America hater but can we say that the Bush family has been a cancer on the USA?

    Republicans have refused to make a case for so many things, is a Repub allowed to speak out on
    anything? Party of weaklings and prefer to be right in silence.

    I support the Repub platform fyi.

    All you can do is buy silver and Uzis and prep for the bad days to come.

    What a bad dream.

  4. Mo died in his cave 1400 years ago. The behaviour of Obama, Clinton, Dempsey et al is certifiably insane; to pander to a bunch of 7th century savages who refuse to live in the real world is so beyond belief and yet they are forcing this reality on us. Something must be done to get rid of all of them!!

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