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4 Replies to “Mark Steyn reacts to Obama’s attempt to determine what youtube may or may not post.”

  1. Mark has it right, the only thing he didn’t say is that Obama is doing all of this deliberately to destroy the West, the only mistake he and his people have made is in not recognizing that when the west collapses so does the rest of the world. Also that when the entire world collapses the US will still be the strongest nation on earth.

  2. Obama has after all told us in his book that in a conflict he is on the side of the Islamists. God I hope the American public takes this into consideration come election time – that they have enough sense to pick a president who is not on the side of the enemy!

  3. I am looking around for anything that Obama or the administration is stating there is a question that the Youtube videos like this should be prosecuted or stopped in some way legally

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