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10 Replies to ““…until there are no ambassadors left in the Arab world””

  1. GOOGLE _TRANSLATE OF the text on the youtube page :

    In an exclusive interview with the BBC, said Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil numbers of demonstrators in front of the U.S. embassy had received money for demonstration, saying that his information on certain subjects saw 100%

  2. I will easily believe that many of them are paid, what I am afraid of is that this turns into an intifada against the US, a world wide intifada would cause major causalities real quickly.

  3. The tards obviously haven’t studied history or read the Koran very thoroughly. The film doesn’t really cover anything that isn’t already documented fact. Either way the film has presented the perfect opportunity to identify enemies within Western borders so that these scumbags can be rounded up and deported.

    We are at war with these people. Respond accordingly. This conciliatory chap is doing his best to head off calls for military action on the part of the West that would screw his mob in Egypt. If the West was willing to shelve Western Christian morality and act like Muslims for a few weeks, the Middle East would be depopultated very quickly and the world’s problems solved for good.

  4. I don’t mean to advise people who seem to run a pretty good site, but you really should have a link to the so called anti Islam film in every post about it.

    Even though I think the link between it and the recent attacks is not strong it is still important to stick it to people demanding censorship at all times.

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