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3 Replies to “US Government contradicts position of own embassy in Egypt”

  1. They are right. It was a little-known film. It is very strange that it has come to attention now, despite the trailer being on the net for a couple of months now. There is something going on here.
    I beg everyone to download and save a copy of this trailer and if you get chance to see the full movie (is there a full movie?) keep a copy of that too. It may be banned at some point but we can’t let this movie die. I don’t care how poor it is or how badly acted.
    It needs to be so widespread that as many people as possible watch it. The more publicity it gets, the more people will want to see it. It is, in a way, a historical landmark like the Mohammed cartoons.

  2. SB:

    Yes there is something going on here. It’s called, ‘Days of Rage’. A planned choreographed set of violent action against Western interests all over the Islamic world planned by the OIC as well as the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Last year they did the same thing in Afghanistan killing 20 UN workers at a building in Kabul. These were people who had never heard of Terry Jones and had never heard of the Koran burning video. It was Karzai acting in concert with the OIC and MB who incited crowds of illiterate mostly retards to storm the UN building because of something they would never have heard of otherwise.

    I know its asking a lot but PLEASE take the time to watch all of these videos with focus. It will all make perfect sense once you do.


  3. This is definitely a planned upraising, it was planned by the US and European far left for the Moslembrotherhood, they are moving to 1) establish the new Caliphate and 2) weaken the US power and influence in the middle east as they can.

    Eeyore watching those videos should be required by all politicians and politically minded people in the west, they contain information that is difficult to pull together on our own. One thing I find suspicious is the timing of the upraising, It should have been done closer to the election so Obama could come out forcibly against the riots. Of course they may have wanted to start the uprisings before Israel moves on Iran.

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