Muslims in toronto protest for the return of Omar Khadr

Muslims have very few rhetorical weapons but they are effective it seems, instead of risible, which they should be.

The notion of rejecting Omar Khadr’s return as “Islamophobic” (itself a highly risible term) is interesting. It would appear then, that to at least a fraction of the Islamic community in Toronto, to reject any Muslim, no mater what grotesque acts of murder and terror he has perpetrated even against the Canadian state, is ‘Islamophobic’.

If that is the case, then at least for them it is a kind of admission of sorts.

An admission that terror, murder, hatred for the infidel and all things personified by the Khadr family and their kindred spirit, Osama Bin Laden are in fact genuinely Islamic.

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4 Replies to “Muslims in toronto protest for the return of Omar Khadr”

  1. I can’t believe the audacity of those people with the “Bring Back Omar Khadr” signs. They might as well be holding “Free Luca Magnotta” signs or “Justice for Paul Bernardo” signs. They are just standing there on the street declaring themselves to be the enemy of Canada, knowing full well that nothing will happen to them. They are outsmarting us at every turn. If it was forty years ago those guys with the signs would be picking their teeth up off the ground. We have been completely de-clawed as a people and are now unable to act as a first line of defense when necessary. Next time you see some employee lose his job because he went after a thief instead of just letting him go, as per company “policy”, know how wrong that is. We should not be tolerating these people in the country at all, let alone standing on the street demonstrating in favor of our enemies.

  2. Michael Coran is the man. Walking amongst these idiots is pretty gutsy. It would be interesting to find out how many of these idiots would like to live next door to Kadr. Oh wait, they’re idiots, they would probably say that they would be OK with it.

  3. You’re right , they’re suicidal idiots who give no thought to the safety of their own children, the Canadian public or the country that sustains them. I’m sick to death of whiny, screeching idiots and “Chris Jones” is right. Years ago we could have legally put them in their rightful places with a good punch to the face, now I guess we’ll have to find covert ways to do it. I spit on them and their abject stupidity that puts me, my family & my country at risk..

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