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5 Replies to “Democratic party seems divided on issues of religion and cartography”

  1. Can anyone tell me, does Obama view Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as the speaker in the video claims? I thought that he didn’t. In fact, if this is the case, then why is he so anti-Israel?

  2. He and the Dems are anti-Israel, their actions prove this, but a lot of the voters are pro-Israel and are religious, the leaders want to keep the voters voting Dem while the delegates think they don’t need them.

    I don’t think Obama thinks Israel should exist if it doesn’t exist how can it have a capital.

  3. The second video clip is a challenge to Obama to stand up and openly recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. If he does, he’s going to annoy some of his buddy ME nations, so I’m guessing that he won’t.

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