‘Palestine’ in perspective


The unflattering comparison that Mitt Romney drew between the accomplishments of Palestinian may have some merit.

Mitt Romney delivers speech in JerusalemPhoto: Jason Reed / Reuters

“A Newsweek investigation reveals abuses at almost every level of the Palestinian Authority. Many top ministers staff their offices with cronies, dole out valuable contracts without oversight and create their own monopolies, which crush competition and drive up prices paid by hard-pressed consumers. The courts are powerless… 14 separate police forces enforce the whims of PA officials rather than laws aimed at protecting ordinary Palestinians.” – Newsweek International, June 19, 2000

If you trawl through comparative global economic and social statistics, it is not difficult to paint a bleak picture of Arab failure, based on a broad pattern of underperformance in investment, productivity, trade, education, social development and even culture [sic]. The total manufacturing exports of the entire Arab world have recently been below those of the Philippines (with less than one-third the population) or Israel (with a population not much bigger than Riyadh’s” – The Economist, July 23, 2009

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10 Replies to “‘Palestine’ in perspective”

  1. Following the lead to the lengthy JPOST article reminds me. The Palestinian Arabs tell a lie about the Jews and the Jews respond to it by writing a book refuting the lie. All the while the Jews are writing the book, the Palestinian Arabs are offering 10 more lies.

  2. @Richard They are. The most successful have oddities: Turkey (was secular and Western-oriented until Erdogan & co), Malaysia (large Chinese minority).

  3. Malaysia was only midlly successful and that also that comes with a price, ie., more unpleasant islamisation and more arrogance from the asian chinese and other ethnic asians.

  4. Turkey was kept secular by their army, once the Europeans forced the Turkish army to stay out of politics the Islamists started taking over.

  5. Perhaps Turkey only pretended to be a secular country. It is like Malaysia pretended to be moderate secular country to attract foreign investments. But once they got a bit of success, they would display their extremist islamic true nature or their asian horrible true nature..

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