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2 Replies to “The true nature of Islam”

  1. I was a little surprised at first, to find Michael Coren arguing with this guy as if he didn’t believe him, but then I realized why he is was doing it. He was trying to prove a point and was taking the role of antagonist. Everyone should see this video clip, especially Leftists and other doubters.

  2. One have to find out the true nature of islamic people if one have not found out yet. Many people stated that they don’t like islam and yet strangely they said they like islamic people! Some people did not realised that, if they tell islamic people directly or in front of their face that they don’t like islam, the islamic people would be nasty in various subtle or blatant ways. It is better to avoid islamic people or have nothing to do with islamic people. Indeed, it is better to avoid muslim majority countries or mostly asian, africa and middle east countries. IT is time the West ban the muslim community from entering the West.

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