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16 Replies to “Hey! Remember this?”

  1. Idiocy and cruelty ? Yep. This is what “hope and change” means in obamaspeak. It’s the essence of obamunism. But you can’t say this. It would make you a “racist”.

  2. I’ve never heard of this incident. I take it was something to do with Obama, judging by other comments. What actually happened?

  3. I guess the cynical and deluded message from Obama to the American people was “I now harness the benevolent supremacy of the Islamic world.” Every subsequent action of his administration supports this attitude.

  4. SoftlyBob:

    This will be hard to believe if you don’t remember it because it is so horrifying.

    First the facts:

    April 28th 2009 shortly after Obama was elected, Air Force One, the personal jet of the US president and under his direct control, did a low fly over Manhattan accompanied by a fighter jet. The people of Manhattan were not to be told about this even though it would be 100% obvious to everyone that this would be a direct analogue to the attacks of 911 on that same area.

    Later it was revealed that it was some kind of presidential photo shoot or something, although the results of that have never turned up anywhere.

    Now of course with the benefit of hind sight it is time to revisit this little episode so early in Obama’s presidency and see what it might really have been.

    At this point I think it was an act of raw and pure contempt towards the American people and a gloating little tip of the hat to Al Queda and the Islamic brotherhood.

    Even though lots of people thought so at the time, and you can kind of hear that in the politicians from NYC here in these clips, it was too horrifying a prospect to say out loud of their shiny new hope-and-change president, a symbol of peace and tolerance.

    What a shame Obama doesn’t feel the same way about himself.

  5. Eeyore :
    The fact I never heard of it does not surprise me. It probably wasn’t a big news article, at least not over here in Britannistan. I was also new to counter-jihad at the time and was less aware of U.S. politics back then. But according to what you have said then this event was an omen of what was to come under Obama’s caliphate. I can’t believe that even Obama would do something this stupid. I think that people are overdue for a reminder of this three-and-some years old event , especially with the presidential elections so close!

  6. Over at Gates of Vienna, Dymphna speculates in the comments:

    “I now suspect: it was an Air Force One (i.e., one of Obama’s fleet of them) filled with Obama Big Donors who were treated to a plane ride in exchange for a hefty contribution.”

    Consider also, this little detail revealed in author & filmmaker- Joel Gilbert’s speech @ The National Press Club:

    “Obama was asked about his role with Acorn during the 2008 campaign. He was not truthful when he said his law firm only represented Acorn to sue the State of Illinois to implement the Motor-Voter Act – and recall that nine of the 9/11 hijackers used this to register to vote, allowing them to get US Identification.”

    and given the timing of this unannounced, [F16-escorted] fly-over Ground Zero taking place within weeks of Obama’s infamous Cairo speech , I’d go one step further and suggest those donors were devout followers of the RoP, enjoying a personal tour & gloatfest.

  7. I would go with the gloat-fest. Why else would the Feds specifically tell the authorities NOT to inform the public except to watch them run like scared rabbits.

  8. Coincidentally, Artist Jon McNaughton also remembered this fly-over . . .and included it in his latest painting. McNaughton explains the interactive painting he has created with 60 symbols that detail the “Obamanation” of the Barack Obama Presidency. He urges everyone to head over to his website to view the painting and click on the interactive links embedded in the symbols within the painting.

  9. Yep, just another goddamn gloating muslim showboating around on my dime. Shame the SOB didn’t plow nose-first into the Hudson. Now THAT would be video worth watching!

  10. Yes, likely osama and oprah were on the plane cajorting over how fortunate their dear fav home city chicago wasn’t hit,

    I really will cry if idiots elect him again,
    but this is the way of the masses,
    only some huge crisis to defame him would stop those low iqs motivated by hollywood actors with piles of money,

    look at the lunatics in Alberta, one of the richest regions in the world, a governemtn very corrupt within, has had 40 years in power, and yet the lunies reelect them,

    not much hope for the Americans, and it will be down down the sliding slope with that Harvard sevant at the helm

  11. morticiaa I don’t see him being re-elected he has driven the independent voters away with his Marxist policies. The polls are being taken from every group of adults, when you poll just the likely voters he is way behind.

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