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3 Replies to “Caller to Lowell Green show about the strategy of policing at the Al Quds and other marches recently in the West”

  1. The caller is correct the police will always err on the side of the most violent group (read muslims) to keep the peace under the direction of the current police chief and his policies. I urge you to call or write those in charge, the police chief, the mayor, (McDhimmi is a lost cause) and whomever will listen and is able to do something about this before it’s too late.

  2. It seems simple to me.

    In most situations when you have two kids fighting it is easier to move the kid that is calm and let the one having the tantrum tier himself out

  3. The only problem is that this tactic makes the violent group think they have the police supporting them and they turn more violent.

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