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24 Replies to “Will Minnesota become the first Muslim state in the USA?”

  1. Isn’t Minnesota populated by Swedes?


    Note: Swedish girls are very pretty, my advice is not to allow Swedes into you area.

  2. Somalia is Somalia because of Somalis. If you are stupid enough to allow millions of Somalis into your country, then what you will get is Somalia.

    Good luck USA. Keep supporting Islamists around the world- arm them, support them with no-fly zones against reasonable ME countries, so when the Islamists win, they drive out all Christians.

    I hope America pays for the crimes it has committed in creating Islamist states in Europe, and the rest of the world.

  3. Excellent comment, I just want to add that this is true enough… there will be a civil war before anyone here allows there to be a takeover completely… no dogs at the airport… it’s all b.s. they are doing it… no one will put up with them for long.

  4. If filthy Muslims are washing their feet in hand sinks then they should be punished. Simple enough answer. Don’t provide them with foot sinks. If I was shitting on the floor would I get away with it? I doubt it.

  5. What is wrong with the Western World’s countries? Have we all gone insanely blind to the slow and steady invasion of the evils of Islam? The video’s ending is right. We better wake up.

  6. DP111 says: “I hope America pays for the crimes it has committed in creating Islamist states in Europe…”

    The US doesn’t make European law

    What are you trying to say?

  7. Why do they need foot basins? Why can’t they use antiseptic wipes? Didn’t they “invent” al-cohol?

    Well, I think we know the answer why…

  8. It was the US that bombed Serbia and created a Muslim state in Europe. Both France and the UK were initially against it. It was again the US that created a narco-Muslim state in Europe – Kosovo.

    It is the US that is supporting Islamists around the world- arming them, supporting them with no-fly zones against reasonable ME countries, so when the Islamists win, they murder Christians, burn churches, and finally drive them out. Ditto in Iraq – people warned that Christians were being massacred in Iraq, but America turned a blind eye. Now there are few Christian left in Iraq. Only Syria was generous enough to offer refuge to hundreds of thousands of them.

    If the US continues on this anti-Christian path, there will be no Christians in the original lands they were from.

  9. DP who was President when these thing happened, you are condemning the entire nation because of the actions of the husband of our current Sec of State, should we have done those things no. Should the entire nation be held to blame for them? No. Condemn the Dems all you want and condemn Obama all you want but a lot of us over here objected to those actions, but we weren’t in power and couldn’t do anything about them.

  10. ramjetejma the left spent the entire 20th Century working to prevent us from defending the west, now we are in a war of survival and must defend the west, the left is besides themselves trying to stop us.

  11. DP111

    I agree we (USA) have been screwing up for years now. I don’t believe we will get any progress in the right direction even when the abomination is removed from office. But it does help a little.

    Our media is completely corrupted and there are just way to many people influenced by it. I personally do not know what to do about it. Any ideas?

  12. Having grown up in a Jim Crow state and having witnessed Jim Crow first hand, I know it will be up to the oppressed non-muslims living there to take action if our PC government and media allows this. It will be textbook civil rights actions and like black civil rights the struggle will be ugly and take decades. As well, Minnesota could become one of those states non-muslims avoid, leading to decline. The Democrat Party will have another failed legacy–just as they were responsible for the plight of blacks, destruction of the black family, the entitlement mentality, Jim Crow laws, the KKK, etc. They can deny it in the short term, but history will tell the story.

  13. Once again, the dialogue is being glossed over. To the question “if they want to live under islamic law, why don’t they emigrate to islamic countries”, the answer is NOT “because islam will rule the world”, the complete answer is: the first step is to emigrate to countries where they can get free money (that may be true to a lesser extent where the US are concerned), the second step, when their numbers are sufficiently great, is to reduce the original populations to second rate citizens, or in other terms slaves, who’ll have to provide for them, since their 7th century political ideology, coupled with the degenerative intellectual results of 14 centuries of inbreeding, prevents them from being sufficiently competitive to keep things afloat.

  14. Richard, oxaO

    I take no satisfaction in seeing USA the slave of Saudi Arabia, and an enemy of the West. In fact, I feel sad. I have many friends in the USA – good Christians and genuinely nice people, whose hospitality I enjoy when I’m in America, and reciprocate when they are here (just as today). But yet, when it comes to policy, I cannot start saying it is this administration or that, but American policy itself. In mature democracies, such as the USA, foreign policy, if it has to have any relevance and thrust at all, has to be longterm, and continue from one administration to the next.

    Long before Bosnia, the US was attached to Saudi Arabia, hip and thigh. Consider East Timor, a Portuegese colony set for independence. Indonesia demanded that it be handed over to them. Portugal said NO, as there was no case for such – Timor was a colony of Portugal before Indonesia was even a country. International law was on the side of Portugal. Yet America, with Kissinger, forced Portugal to hand over Timor to Indonesia. Then started the systematic persecution of Timoreans, escalating finally to genocide.

    Then we have the case of Bangladesh. It was clear that mass murder and genocide was in progress in that country by Pakistan, supported by America. When India threatened to step in to stop the genocide of Infidel Hindus, Buddhists and Christians, America, amazingly, and knowing full well of the ongoing genocide, sent its fleet to threaten India. India then signed a security pact with the USSR, thus checkmating America. The result was that the genocide of Hindus stopped.

    And so it has continued. Bosnia, Kosovo, support for Turkeys entry to the EU, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and now Syria. The only exception is south Sudan, and there is an explanation here.

    There could be a Machiavellian Anglo-American plot hatched by the state Department and the FO, but I wont go into that. For the moment, and for the last 50 years, American policy has been to advance the interests of Wahhabi Islam at the expense of everyone else.

  15. OxAO : Any ideas?

    I dont know what else to do. I have commented since the earliest days, ever since the Salman Rushdie affair (eighties), and then immediately after 9/11 on LGF. My purpose was to educate the West on Islam. This was before Jihad Watch, Ali Sena, and all the rest. Knowledge of Islam then was virtually nil.

    I had hoped that knowledge would be enough. But despite the best efforts of Jihad Watch, and sites such Vlad, and now many others, the West continues down the path of cultural suicide.

    I can now only pray to God. God blessed the West and we abandoned Him. I hope He will forgive us and give us another chance, for I don’t see how a people and an ideology, that is confident that allah has assured it final victory, even though it may take a thousand years, can be defeated by anything less, or any assurance that is less.

    In the meantime we can only continue in educating people, and hope, just as Aragorn did in the face of evil, when all hope was lost.

  16. As long as the majority of people in the US believe God will not abandon us, we will have a hard time and have to fight but we won’t be alone.

  17. DP Yes you various administrations have done stupid things, things that rational people would never have done, I doubt it is a scheme by State and FO although having leftists doing what they can to damage the west does come to mind. The main problem is that the leftist have planted so many people in State that are protected by the civil service laws they can defy the administration they don’t agree with and continue the anti-western policies.

    Yes the US joined Saudi at times when we shouldn’t, just as we have strengthened them by stopping oil drilling in the US, once again it is a leftist policy, not an American policy.

  18. The leftists have huge financial resources. The left have billionaires (Soros, Buffet) millionaires (Michael Moore, Obama, Clinton, Elizabeth Warren etc), and of course funds set up by Ford and others that advance socialism since they have been taken over and infiltrated by communists. Now come the petro dollars advancing Islam. With such a financial powerhouse of money the Islamic/Leftist position is very well financed. What amazes me is that we are not more along the path of our own destruction and that is because of the gays, sikhs, hindus, buddhists who will come into this heady brew of islam and communism and twist things so that the ideology comes untangled and not so straightforward. Muslims hate all the above so they have to be nice in order to get into bed with the communists who adore them as the new revolutionaries that have replaced the working class (who failed them in this regard) but the commies need a broad coalition of people so that they can practise their left wing socialist racism of calling anyone who disagrees with them a racist. The GAY MUSLIM MOSQUE with its lesbian imam. Contradictions. So hard to keep the game rolling. People notice but the game continues. The people are the hope of the West. And that is where education is so key. People are not fooled and they will vote people out of power. Vote them out. That is what they fear the most. See how the Netherlands has been transformed by this tactic. The muzzies are ever so quiet in that land. They used to be loud. They used to murder people for disagreeing with them. Now they get a small slot of TV here and there and not too many people care about their cry baby act or their threats. America has people like Wilders but unfortunately it will be tough to get such people elected. The best hope for the Americans is the high birth having Christian Majority. The people are many the elite are a few. As long as they can not control us they will try. It is the struggle of power. The tide against Islam is turning so much but unfortunately the tide against the left is much harder to turn. That is the big one with resources that will go on and on. The Muzzies will soon run out of money for their jihad as the oil runs dry but not the left. The left will still be with us as Saudi goes begging for money early in the next decade.

  19. Don if I am right about the coming war the left will end up losing power and followers, during the coming war even the MSM won’t be able to hide the evil of the left.

  20. Richard I tend to be more pessimistic. The left is the big one. Islam is just a pawn for the moment and will be discarded eventually. The deep pockets of the left give it so much power. The Southern Poverty Centre just by itself has hundreds of millions stashed away in Bermuda. It is just one of many such leftie enterprises dedicated to destroying america. My point is that the money will keep the game going even as more and more people wake up. There will always be the ignorant majority which will do as they are told by their pc masters.

  21. You are right and wrong, I never said this would work out quickly, or peacefully. The left has pushed hard to create civil war all around the world, especially in the West, their funding is going to hurt us and help them, but in the long run they are going to lose because they no longer have a monopoly on the news.

    Yes there are a lot of people who are ignorant and will do what the left says, this number is growing smaller (at least around here) daily as the economy worsens, the ones that will support the left tend to be the lower class with the middle class opposing the left, in the small towns the lower class is waking up.

    I hope this makes sense, the pain medicine is messing with my mind.

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