Iranian general dares IDF to strike, threatens destruction

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08/18/2012 17:14

Revolutionary Guards commander Hajizadeh says an Israeli attack on Iran would allow Tehran to “dump Israel into dustbin of history,” threatens “fast, categorical, destructive, and overarching” retaliation.

Iranian Shahab 2 missile bearing crest of IRGC

Photo: REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl

An Israeli strike on Iran would provoke a swift retaliation, allowing Tehran to “dump [Israel] into the dustbin of history,” Revolutionary Guards General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said Saturday, marking the latest threat in public tit for tat over a potential Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear program.

“If the loud cries of the leaders of the Zionist regime are materialized, it would be the best opportunity for obliterating this fake regime from the face of the earth and dump it into the dustbin of history,” Hajizadeh said, according to Iran’s English-language state television network Press TV.

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5 Replies to “Iranian general dares IDF to strike, threatens destruction”

  1. The main thing to take from this, aside from the warning of the Iraninans’ promise to enact genocide on Israel, is for the Israelis to STFU in their incessant American-style leaks to the media whenever anyone turns a thought over in their heads.

    A filter between the brain and the mouth can save nations. Any government serious about protecting its population should know this.

  2. Dallas you are right, however the idea of any western nation keeping a secret is laughable, the left thinks they can prevent wars by leaking all info and will continue to do so until forcibly shut up.

    The time is rapidly approaching when Israel as to either attack Iran or surrender to the Moslems, the Israelis are talking about a 30 day war with Iran, this is probably the limit on when they will run out of ammo. Since Obama won’t resupply them and has moved our prepositioned munitions from Israel that is the amount of time the US Congress has to force Obama to resupply Israel.

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