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6 Replies to “British police arrest man for not smiling at Olympics”

  1. Well done, British Police. It’s good at last that you’re now profiling against terrorism. Now let me see how they picked this man out of the crowd.
    Well, first they noticed a pleasant looking Arab gentleman wearing a turban and carrying an AK-47 but he was smiling devilishly, so he was ok. Further down the stands was a hijab wearing lady, donned in bin-liners and suicide vest. It was impossible to tell whether she was smiling or not, so they had to let that one pass. A few seats away was a man in pajamas and slippers with a long bushy beard. He was carrying a sword and two hand grenades, but he had an evil grin on his face, so he was fine!
    Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with the World?

  2. British police were at one time the best. Now they are they are worse then in Third world, where atleast they catch criminals.

    It all boils down to the standard of education. Standards have plummeted across the board. All professions- police, judiciary, politicians, doctors and nurses, and even scientists(Climate Gate), are below the standards of the fifties or sixties. Its the same all over the West. People who never should have been considered for higher education, now get degrees in non-subjects, which then entitles them to seek jobs in professions, particularly management. Most fail miserably, and lead to misery for the population at large.

  3. dp this was done deliberately done by the left so they could tear down the west.

    Mike that is the expected result of the current economic mess, the left thinks they can use the melt down to take over. Personally I don’t see them winning but I am not sure freedom will return for a long time after the war.

  4. There must be more to this,we all know the Police and the Armed Forces were on Duty at the Olympics,we also know there have the ability and the tactics to create situations that can lead to incidents,but i don’t remember seeing this in the News, T.V., or Press,surely there was more to this.??

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