Interesting video about the hypocrisy of the Olympics

To be honest, I was sick of the story about the lack of a minute of silence the second time I heard it. But then new facts keep appearing which make it clear that there was more than a little cowardice and perhaps a little antisemitism here.

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  1. There is all this banter going on about ‘not having one minute silence for the Munich victims because it would offend Arab Nations’ yet why is no one asking this important question?
    Why would it, and why should it, offend Arab nations?

    During World War One when the infamous German pilot, the ‘Red Baron’ was shot down and killed, his body was taken and given a military funeral, by the British and the French. Even in war, respect for the enemy was shown. It’s a simple matter of decency and human respect. No matter who your enemy is, his family and friends have the right to grieve and hold remembrance for him. Even when that inhuman piece of junk, Osama Bin Laden was killed, the Americans gave him respect and buried him at sea, apparently with a full Islamic ceremony.

    This just goes to show that Arab Muslims are really the scum of the Earth. They are not just gangsters they are lower than gangsters. If they are ‘offended’ by a show of remembrance for innocent victims, brutally murdered forty years ago, then why are we respecting their opinions at all? How low, I mean how seriously low, have some of us in the West become, when we allow Muslim scumbags to get their own way over an issue such as this? An option like this should not even have been discussed, never mind agreed to. This is shameful. This is really shameful.

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