Greece: Major raids against immigrants

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  Police patrolling in front of a prison for detained immigrants in an Athens suburb.

In central Athens, greek police intervened massively against immigrants without valid documents. During recent-day raids, 1500 people were checked, of which 500 were detained.

According to statements made on saturday by a greek police speaker, 2000 officers took part in the operation in the greek capital. During a similar sortie in the Evros border region near Turkey, 2500 officers were active.

The raids’ objective is ‘to send back the immigrants to their native countries, to close the borders, and to again make Athens a rule-of-law metropolis with quality of life’, declared the police. It is a matter of ‘national survival’.

Before the recent parliamentary election, Antonis Samaras, conservative greek prime minister, had gone in for ‘recapturing the cities’ and ‘stopping the influx of illegal migrants’. On wednesday, Greece had announced a tripling of its present 600 border guards in Evros to 1800.

According to official figures, there are about 800 000 legally registered migrants in Greece. The number of immigrants without valid documents is estimated to be more than 350 000. Since the 17 june election, the neonazi party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) has been in parliament with 18 deputies. They go in for a ‘cleansng of Greece from illegal migrants’.

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11 Replies to “Greece: Major raids against immigrants”

  1. The Greeks have to do this. Their hands have been forced by the public. If they don’t do something about the illegals there will be civil war and they know it..

  2. said, “According to official figures, there are about 800 000 legally registered migrants in Greece.”

    wasn’t there an article a few months back that stated Greece officially doesn’t allow any immigration? What am i missing?

  3. The Greeks like the Serbs experienced first hand the problems with invaders taking over their countries (all Muslim may I add). They are more wary of alien invasion than a lot of other countries in the West are.

  4. Many in western governments will still say you can’t send the refugees back. These aren’t usually refugees though, but rather invaders. The real refugees are still languishing in camps after fleeing men like the illegal immigrants up to 30 years ago…

  5. These aren’t refugees. Refugees consist of families, women & children as well as the elderly. These are immigrants who either sought work or intended to fleece whatever they could from Greece by illegal or legal methods. Pretty much the same throughout Europe.

  6. “Does it take near bankruptcy to make officialdom see the light?” Great question.

    Not in every case. In some cases yes and in some cases no. It does depend on the country. In the US or Sweden never. In the case of Greece we have a resounding yes, much to the consternation of the big bosses in Brussels.

  7. Sue says:

    “These aren’t refugees. Refugees consist of families, women & children as well as the elderly. ”


    These are not immigrants. They are soldiers of allah, seeking to invade infidel countries to make them Islamic.

    ‘Hijra’, immigration in the sense of invasion, is part of Islamic doctrine. One of the biggest people smugglers is a Kuwaiti who dumped his brood here. Last time I checked there was no civil war in Kuwait, so on what grounds was he eligible to settle in Australia behind what he perceives to be enemy lines?

  8. Heavens. If this trend continues, Greece, in a generation or two, might well have to bail out the rest of Europe, sold out to third-fourth world criminal parasites by its braindead elites of collaborating filth.

  9. Just deporting 1000 people will not change anything regarding economy.

    Also there should be lots of focus on any violations of Civil rights. The question
    Who is stopped for searching the documents? Are they stopped merely based on
    how they look like? These are serious issues not addressed by Media.

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