Inside the Brussels Conference on Free Speech and Human Rights

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Mark Steyn introduces Lars Hedegaard (photo ©Snaphanen).

Editor’s note: Below is a report of the July 9th International Conference for Free Speech and Human Rights, held in Brussels, Belgium. A video compilation of event highlights follows the report. 

I had the great pleasure of taking part in the International Conference for Free Speech and Human Rights on July 9, 2012 at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, sponsored by the International Civil Liberties Alliance. Representatives of 18 countries, the majority being from Europe but with the participation of Coptic Christians from Egypt as well as former Muslims, met to discuss the ongoing Islamization of Europe and the Western world and how to preserve our basic civil liberties.

Sabatina James, a young woman who left Islam for Christianity, told the audience her story, about how her family threatened to kill her. She now lives under witness protection. The punishment for leaving Islam is death, according to sharia law.

MEP Magdi Allam, an Egyptian apostate who now lives in Italy, converted to

Author Alexandre del Valle (photo ©Snaphanen).

Christianity and was baptized during the 2008 Easter Vigil service in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. He, too, spoke at the conference.

We heard Gavin Boby from the Law and Freedom Foundation in Britain, plus such interesting people as Alain Wagner and Alexandre del Valle

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3 Replies to “Inside the Brussels Conference on Free Speech and Human Rights”

  1. Very good, I hope a lot of people listen. What is nice is that the people speaking understand that the child rape gangs are engaging in, as I already said, hopefully a lot of people will listen to the speeches.

  2. What is nice to see is that the people on the panel were all fighting Islamization their own way in their own country and now they are gathered together to join forces and put it all out there for everyone to (listen) ear. A very refreshing and hopeful sight indeed. The U.N. would learn a great deal from them.

  3. This may well be the beginning of the organization that will take the place of the UN, the UN started as the nations that fought Fascism in WWII, now Islam is the enemy and these are the people who are pushing their nations to fight against it.

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