STRATFOR: Sniper murders 7 in Khorug Tajikistan

Four of the murdered were children. The term, ‘recently restive’ was used to describe the area. I suppose “restive” doesn’t mean quite what it sounds like it means as “restive” areas always seem to be places where Muslims are slaughtering people wholesale as opposed to say, a Club Med.

The original SITREP is at WWW.STRATFOR.COM

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2 Replies to “STRATFOR: Sniper murders 7 in Khorug Tajikistan”


    To those vulgar, miserable oxygen thieves who call themselves muslims…..
    To those who, koran in hand, seek the sexual favours of helpless children….

    To the quintessential cowards who, spewing the rhetoric of a madman, muhammad, slice the ears and noses off little girls and women……

    To the sexual deviants who delight in the depravity of violating, in the most revolting and grotesque manner, domestic livestock…..

    To the pious black-hearted muhammadans who kneel down women, and, covering their own hypocrisy and criminal sin, accuse them of adultery, then dispatch these miserable victims in a hail of gunfire….

    To those muslim reptiles who dress little boys up in the garb of women and force them to entertain, with gyrating dance, the very pedophiles who will, via endless rounds of rape and sodomy, fill the night air with the child’s tortured screams of agony and terror……..

    To those who, filled with an unparalleled psychopathy and hatred, stone, hang and behead? the weakest and frailest amongst us……..

    To those withered, wheedling vipers who, wrapped in the self righteousness of a 7th century impotent barbarian and loathe to partake in the act of suicide themselves, whisper the blackest of lies into the ears of the young, the lonely, the unloved, the dull witted and, wrapping them in explosives, set these miserable souls alight in the marketplaces, where, in a deafening symphony of blinding light and shattered glass, the innocent are borne away on rivers of blood……..

    To those who sneered at, spit in the faces of, and bite the hands of those who bid them welcome and extended hands of friendship, generosity and kindness….

    To those whose every trivial whim, petulant wish, shrill demand and shrieking directive, when not met, amounts to the laughable crime of “Islamo-phobia”…..

    To those who, claiming religious entitlement, build thousands of mosques used as political and military planning centers all whilst, as your numbers grow, delight in burning hundreds of churches to the ground and murdering Christians…….

    To those who have refined cowardice, intimidation, misery, murder, terror, horror and violence to an art form……………….

    To those who worship the ravings of a war mongering, mass murdering, impotent, poisonous, delusional pedophile; muhammad… all my muslim friends…..I say….


    Welcome to that which you have so diligently and unceasingly cultivated…..

    As doors close in your faces around the world, as you are rounded up and sent back to those filthy islamic toilets you call home, as you are held to account for your treason, sedition and duplicity, I bid you welcome to the hatred and loathing you have instilled in every civilized country on the planet……

    Welcome to the answer to your sickness in the form of the greatest military body to ever grace God’s creation……The Armed Forces of The United States of America….

    Welcome to the echoes of a thousand years ago when, the armour clad, bearing the Cross of St. George, snatched the life from your miserable bodies by the legions, and in so doing, held you to account for the hundreds of years of your murder and barbarity………

    Welcome to an accounting anew at the hands of men and women far greater than you could ever hope to be….may your remaining time be short and may your agony in the hereafter be eternal……each and every one of you.

    Warmest Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Thank you for the kind words Don, as a Army vet I appreciate them.

    To the sniper who murdered little kids, remember when you finally piss us off enough that we throw away the politically correct rules of engagement and start fighting the war to win you will be going up against snipers who think 600 to 800 meter shots are the easy ones, and if you are captured alive, well that isn’t going to happen, no sniper is ever captured alive.

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