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5 Replies to “Beck TV: Rep. Bachmann being forced to apologize for her observations or forced off intel committee.”

  1. She could use this to her advantage by taking notes from Ezra L on how to properly apologize to those who claim to be in charge by mocking them to the point of placing their failures at their feet.

    Actually, it would destroy them. They hate being mocked!

  2. BayouCoyote . . .oh yesssssss . . .perfectly stated. Having Bachmann turn the tables and pull an Ezra on these traitorous cowards would be absolutely delicious.

  3. BayouCoyote
    It sounds like a good idea but the media will just cut and run the sound clip of her apologizing.

    Best for her in my opinion is to leave the question out which it is a legitimate question and leave it at that. It is hard to run as the aggressor when your in the minority.

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