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3 Replies to “Brian Lilley of SUN TV does a great segment on liberty and gun control”

  1. Eeyore, as an American and a staunch Second Amendment supporter, that was a very good vid. Especially in light of the recent tragedy in Colorado. I’m glad common sense still exists up north, Thanks for posting this.

  2. HHHhhhmmmm! So let me see if I got it right. The people running our institutions are ‘well educated’ or is it well ‘educated’ and they keep making outrageous statements showing their imbecility while Sun News is filled with very knowledgeable people who unfortunately don’t want to run for office and manage our affairs. Oh! of course, I forgot that intelligence and common sense don’t belong in liberalism. Brian Lilley as Premier of Ontario. Now I can see why that wouldn’t work. Keep doing what you are doing Brian. You are doing a fine job.

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