Mosque’s Loud Prayer Generates Mega-Decibel ‘Battle of the Bands’

Jewish Press:

Published: July 16th, 2012
Latest update: July 17th, 2012
Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/FLASH90

After the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem has decided to play very loud music, in defiance of the volume and disturbance of the sound of the muezzin at the mosque in nearby Al-Issawiya, two additional Jewish neighborhoods, Pisgat Ze’ev and Har Choma, have announced that they, too, will take up a similar approach. French Hill also decided to go with hard rock, and not Mediterranean tunes, as had originally been planned, because, as they put it, hard rock is more likely to deliver the message.

According to Yediot Jerusalem, the French Hill neighborhood has recently approached an amplification company with an order for four huge speakers to be directed at Al-Isawiya. As soon as the village muezzin will start his exceedingly loud prayer, it will be responded to with ear shattering Rock n’ Roll, letting local Arabs understand how disturbing the loud prayers have been to their Jewish neighbors.

Har Choma and Pisgat Ze’ev residents are waiting to see the results from the French Hill “pilot.” If the protest via rock blasts succeeds, the other two neighborhoods, situated on the border of the Jerusalem municipality, will follow suit.

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  1. That’s right learn to fight using their dirty tricks, it’s the only thing that works, being nice or reasonable doesn’t.

  2. Like with like is the best. Heavy rock is pretty horrible if you are trying to get baby to sleep and a wailing imam is just as bad.

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