Islamist Generation

Today’s Muslim youth are less Westernized than their parents were.By Mark Steyn

 National Review:

Members of the Ansar Dine group in Mali

Mark Steyn 

Media types like to talk about “the narrative”: News is just another form of storytelling, and certain plot lines grab you more than others.

The easiest narrative of all is anything involving young people. “I believe that children are our future,” as the late Whitney Houston once asserted. And, even if Whiney hadn’t believed it, it would still as a point of fact be true. Any media narrative involving young people presupposes that they are the forces of progress, wresting the world from the grasping clutches of mean, vengeful old men and making it a better place.

In the West, young people actually believe this. Thus, in 2008, Barack Obama, being the preferred choice of America’s youth, was by definition the candidate of progress and the future. In humdrum reality, his idea of the future doesn’t seem to be any more futuristic than the pre-Thatcher statist wasteland of Britain in the Seventies, but that didn’t stop the massed ranks of fresh-faced youth chanting “We are the Hopeychange!” in adoring if glassy-eyed unison behind him at every campaign rally. Four years later, half of recent graduates can’t find full-time employment; Americans’ college debt is now larger than credit-card debt; the number of young people with summer jobs is at a record low; and men in their late 20s and early 30s trudge upstairs every night to the same bedroom in which they slept as a kindergartner.

And that’s before they’re permanently buried by interest payments on the multitrillion-dollar debt and unfunded liabilities from Medicare. Yet in 2012 the rubes will still vote for Obama and be congratulated by the media for doing so. Because to be young is to vote for hope and change.

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3 Replies to “Islamist Generation”

  1. They are less westernized because the left has spent decades attacking Western Civilization, they have spent the same amount of time on cultural and moral equivalence. By creating the idea that all civilizations are equal and all morality is equal why should the Moslem kids want to become western?

  2. the principal means of attacking western civilisation was and is the education system.
    dumb down education and you dumb down the people.
    this might make them a little more governable, it also renders them more vulnerable to the scheming of rabble rousers, malcontents and extremists of all stripes.
    islam, lacking even a semblance of coherent content, is most adept at exploiting the weeknesses in our system.
    when you can have degenerate medieval hokus-pokes accepted as mainstream, then you have real problems.
    it will all end in tears, with the left wringing its hands (after a thorough washing) and blaming every one else.

  3. One of the ways they dumb down education is to stop teaching history, if we don’t know of the mistakes made in the past we can’t recognize when our leaders are making the same ones. Such as Obamacare.

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