Sodomy “For the Sake of Islam”

I have sent the clip mentioned in this article out for translation for titles. We shall see if it can be managed. In the meantime, as the British say

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  1. The thing is, if you accept the premise that a potential bomber’s anus needs stretching to accommodate more explosives, then why is it that the only way to stretch it is with another man’s penis? For one thing, given what I suspect about Muslim terrorists, there won’t be much stretching going on that way and secondly, why not just use a stick or a traffic cone or something. Why was that the default fatwa?

    I guess it all boils down to, ‘What would Mohammed do’?

  2. @Eeyore:

    Yes, that irony occured to me too. It obviously gives them the proverbial green light to fulfill latent homosexual desires without worry of Hellfire. Consider this, the submissive, so-called “bottom” role is the one likely to get the most grief or blame in the hypocritical eyes of muslims with their sexually dualistic mentality. The dominant role being filled by an alpha male, the penetrator, so to speak, traditionally has a certain level of plausable denial concerning his sexual orientation in muslim societies. In this way the alpha male can deny being a homosexual, an option not available to the submissive role. In the service of jihad however, all that is cast aside, to be rendered permissable if it furthers the cause of Allah.

    Islam is one sick, twisted, and pathologically depraved pseudo-faith.

  3. I am aware of the prison sex in the Muslim world. Why is heterosexual deviance prevented by heavy penalties AND separation of the sexes, and homosexual deviance ONLY with heavy penalties? Why not the other way around, that is, prevent homosexual deviance by heavy penalties AND mixing of the sexes, and heterosexual deviance ONLY with heavy penalties? I am beginning to think that Islam, and to a lesser extent other religions who separate the sexes, are fundamentally screwed. If these religions are right, and sex is meant for reproduction, then it logically follows that abortion is worse than the Holocaust. If abortion is murder, why don’t they castrate themselves? After all, they say that people who believe in overpopulation should start with themselves by killing themselves. Then I say, if you believe abortion is murder, start with yourself, and castrate yourself. Only by castration you are REALLY sure you won’t cause unwanted pregnancy. Improve the world, start with yourself. On the other hand, people who believe in overpopulation do not have to commit suicide or the like. We simply reverse the double standard of the Pro-“Life”scum. If you oppose abortion, give the right example, and castrate yourself. If you believe in overpopulation, you are perfectly entitled to castrate and abort the large families; after all, they are the cancer tumors that destroy the world.

  4. Personally, I wish they’d all have their anuses stretched and fitted with explosives. I would be happy to hit the switch.

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