Iran leader: We must prep for ‘end of times’



By Reza Kahlili

Iran’s supreme leader, for the first time, is telling his nation that it must prepare for war and “the end of times” as it continues to develop nuclear weapons.

State-owned media outlets, in a coordinated effort, all ran a similar story Friday highlighting Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s message on the coming of the last Islamic messiah.

Until now, the Iranian media would mostly quote clerics from seminaries on the issue of the last Islamic messiah to avoid the regime being labeled messianic. However, the wide publication of Khamenei’s statements on a need to prepare for the end of times as it confronts the West over its illicit nuclear program is alarming to Western leaders.

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10 Replies to “Iran leader: We must prep for ‘end of times’”

  1. Tell that to naziboy and arabdinejad apologist Gunther Grass, and he’ll say it wasn’t Khomeini… It was a Zionist-Jew Khamenei look-alike that said all that.

  2. If there ever was a reason to follow the path we did almost 70 years ago with Japan, now, in dealing with Iran, this is it.

    There are those who will crucify me for saying what needs to be said.

    If the Iranian people will not rise up and collectively remove the Iranian dictatorship from its position of power and control then they must suffer the consequences of both their cowardice and apathy as well as the consequences of those who advocate starting WW 3 as an avenue to trying to provoke the emergence of the 12th Imam.

    Those consequences include the complete isolation of Iran militarily and economically until it withers and dies.

    The alternative is to launch a proactive nuclear attack on several major cities, as we did on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, including low-mega tonnage attacks on virtually every military installation. This combined with the economic and logistical isolation of Iran will give it what it so eagerly desires……a place in a virtual dark age.

    The result will be a radioactive wasteland and graveyard……..the alternative is a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv……….personally, I vote for the total obliteration of Tehran.

    Trouble me not with leftist politically correct humanitarian sentimentality….the Iranians can either deal with the madness of Tehran……or we will, consequences and death toll be damned.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. The reality is a walk-in war or a series of “surgical tactical” air strikes is both cost prohibitive as well as the inevitable cost of potentially tens of thousands of our young men and women killed.

    These were the very same difficulties that the Allied commanders faced in WW2……the reality is that a land invasion would have cost an estimated 1,000,000 Allied soldiers lives……

    They made the hard choice, set off two nuclear devices, the war immediately ended, they occupied and banned Shinto, reduced the Emperor to the status of a bus-boy and never looked back.

    The only things the muslims and fanatics understand is brute force….and lots and lots and lots of it.

    So lets give it to them.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. I’m baffled as to why crazy Muslims want to bring on the end of times anyway. They all dream of a World Caliphate where the whole World is ruled by Sharia law and there is supposed peace, but who would want to live under this anyway? It’s no fun. Even their paradise is not much of a paradise. You would be bored senseless living in it for all eternity. After you’ve had sex with your 72 virgins and drank all this milk and honey what else would there be to do? Even Muslim heaven sounds like hell to me!
    So why do they want it so badly? It seems to me, it’s because the alternative, Muslim hell is far more frightening and this is what most of their brainwashing is based upon.
    ‘We can’t offer you much of a paradise but it’s much better than the alternative.’
    This is why Islam is for unimaginative, brain-dead dickheads and not for anyone with intelligence. Creative people not only suffer under Islam whilst alive but would suffer under it when dead, so it seems.
    I really, really hate Islam. It is mankind’s biggest curse. It is simply unthinkable that these buffoons could be threatening us and terrorising us, when in reality not one of them is fit even to lick our boots!

  5. They love death. That is what they are taught from infancy. Imagine the pitiful lives they have had. Each of them. But I cannot feel sorry for them.

  6. Don a few years ago it wouldn’t have had to be nuclear weapons, there was (it probably still exists on paper) a plan for a month long 24/7 bombing campaign to destroy the Iranian military and nuclear facilities. After 3 1/2 years of Obama the US probably doesn’t have the air assets to carry out that long a bombing mission.
    What I am afraid of is that it will take 1 or more mushroom clouds over Israel to wake up enough people for the US to use nuclear weapons. And if/when Israel is nuked their 200+ nuclear arsenal will be emptied in retaliation, a fact that Iran knows and is willing to pay.

    Bob the people who want the end times (this includes Ahmadinejad who thinks he was born to bring back the Mahdi) are true believers, they don’ t think like we do and their enjoyment comes from forcing people to live according to their religion.

  7. Your point supports both the argument for a first strike and my submission that treason does, will and always has reigned supreme in the White House.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  8. Personally I’m sick to death of their intimidation rhetoric. It’s time for all good Persians to head for the hills so we can relieve them of their oppressors. Nuke these a$$holes and put an end to all this garbage.

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