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5 Replies to “Sharia law now enforced in Timbuktu Mali”

  1. Welcome to the world of Islam.

    What pisses me off about this and other incidents like it is the way the left worked to destroy Western values and morality but ignores things like this.

  2. I didn’t write the script ‘Mar’. I just subtitled this in English. And what does 666 have to do with this video anyway?

  3. U dont see so forget it eeyore. Just keep eeyoring like the ass you are. You didnt write this but I guess you are also confused as to why you are posting it! I think you dont really even know you post these on your site! I for one know what I am seeing before my eyes.

  4. but thats ok at least what I need to know and what is of revelation is unfolding and confirmed right here on eeyore’s site!! Thanks anyway Eeyore may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you! I mean that

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