17 injured as lightning strikes Peace & Love music festival

That kind of hippie-dippie BS even pisses off god it seems…

The Local Sweden:

17 injured as lightning strikes Peace & Love

17 injured as lightning strikes Peace & Love

Published: 26 Jun 12 17:01 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation

Seventeen festivalgoers had to be taken to hospital with minor injuries on Tuesday after having been struck by lightning at the on-going Peace & Love music festival near Borlänge, central Sweden. 

“First we saw a lightning flash and then we heard a really loud clap of thunder. The next thing we knew, the ambulances had come,” said one witness, Amanda Andersen, to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper (DN).

However, no one was seriously wounded and all the injured people were conscious when the ambulances arrived. Those taken to hospital are now “up and walking”, according to TT.

”They have no visible wounds, they were holding umbrellas and other objects that conduct electricity,” said Lena Sterner of the Dalarna county council to DN.

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  1. Then he is a lousy shot.

    Tell him to move to Texas for a while. I mean if you can’t hit someone with lightning, then…

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