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11 Replies to “Islam has rules for every damn thing”

  1. This is just about as much as I can take. Will someone ban Islam immediately and declare Muslims clinically insane?
    If Muslim men are not prepared to stand up and urinate then they are not real men. We men stand up to piss, because WE CAN. The penis is like a hosepipe and thus we can use it as one.
    Now maybe the Prophet was so lacking in the trouser department that he had to sit down, maybe he had a teeny weeny tiny manhood and was incapable of urinating like a real man, who knows? But when Muslims come out with such rubbish, it just goes to show what imbeciles they really are. Islam is insane. Why people defend these idiots and their views, God only knows. They should be all be rounded up and sent for psychiatric treatment or put on a plane and flown back to the Middle East.
    I don’t care which – whichever is the cheapest!

  2. Never mind the complete idiocy of his little speech — He shouldn’t be allowed to drive with that mahoudian towel obscuring his peripheral vision.

  3. I agree with Blind Druid about the driving. What’s he doing driving a car anyway? The Prophet Mohammed never drove a car, so driving should be ‘haram’ for all Muslims!

  4. Let me get this straight.

    Islam discourages pissing while standing upright, yet also prescribes the correct number of stones with which to wipe your ass, and how many snuffs of water up the nose each morning will wash away Satan, who hides in your nose at night?

    Islam, like liberalism, is truly a contagious mental disorder.

  5. Talking while driving obviously is dangerous for your mental health. I guess he doesn’t know that. Now I’m wondering if he is urinating while driving . . .

  6. This isn’t a parody? An entire religion where men pee like girls? Is this why Swedish politicians want to make men pee sitting down? I thought it was to emasculate men by forcing them to behave like women.

  7. He will burn in hell. Islam destroys itself in Syria. The oil sheiks don’t believe in Islam, or they would use their oil to destroy Israel. After all, why fear nukes if there is a paradise?

  8. Les:

    No, it is not a parody. And the reasons can be both without a contradiction. It is why the leftists and muslims work so well together up to a point.

  9. Eeyore, you are totally right. But the connections between leftists and muslims should be researched more closely. Muslims pretend to hate atheism, promiscuity and feminism, but work together with, and vote for, leftists who promote these things to a high degree, at least on non-Muslims.

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