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6 Replies to “One lone brave protestor of Islam in Toronto.”

  1. The Perseus story is as I have always known it(initially via astronomy, oddly), the notion of the straightforward martial attack being used against the attacker can be seen in many things. Tsukuri breaking of balance in Judo and JiuJitsu etc. Using opponents habitual momentum against him etc. So the head-on approach against Medusa, and looking directly, in a ‘taking at face value’ way, at the many heads and faces of the creature, results in petrification, turning to stone, paralasis. The polished shield, carefully designed and held at just the right angle, is how Perseus was able to confront and defeat the many-headed creature, by making direct viewing avoidable. I think this gentleman’s use of Perseus’ defeat of Medusa as a way of illustrating today’s conflict is very relevant. If the normal channels of action and response are compromised, a different approach is called for.

  2. Less ‘many headed’, I think it was more ‘Many serpent-locks’ on the head. Because I remember a wood cut showing Perseus carrying the detached head afterwards. So it was the kind of serpent-hair thing.

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