Islamic world must have nuclear weapons, says Iran

Daily Caller:

MURUROA ATOLL, FRANCE: Picture taken in 1971, showing a nuclear explosion in Mururoa atoll. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Iran is now telling the world that in order to confront aggression from America and Israel, it must have nuclear weapons.

Official Iranian media outlets published a commentary Sunday titled “The necessity for the Islamic world to have the atomic bomb,” laying the groundwork for Iran’s refusal to accept limits on its illicit nuclear program.

The essay’s author, Alireza Forghani, is the former governor of southern Iran’s Kish Province and an analyst and a strategy specialist in the camp of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“The fatwa from Imam Khomeini [the founder of Iran’s Islamic revolution] said ‘all Islamic countries have Islamic blood,’” Forghani wrote. “Therefore the Islamic world should rise up and shout that a nuclear bomb is our right, and disrupt the dreams of America and Israel.”

“Having a nuclear bomb is our right,” he argued. “Israel would have been destroyed completely 30 years ago” but has survived because it has nuclear weapons. (RELATED: Complete coverage of developments in Iran)


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5 Replies to “Islamic world must have nuclear weapons, says Iran”

  1. I say we take the loses now and build a better tomorrow.

    Let iran get their hands on a nuclear bomb but make it clear that if they threaten anybody we will retaliate in an instant. That’s gives us an excuse to obliterate them without to much effort.

  2. Obliterating people does little to impress them. Obliterating Qom might do the trick. But why do they fear Israeli nukes? Do they fear death? Are they not so sure of the paradise? These doubts can be used to undermine their Islamic faith. If Iran was really Muslim, they would have attacked Israel without any fear of nuclear retaliation. The Mahdi would come. As they doubt the Muslim faith, do they realize they might burn in hell for their Islamic religion.

  3. My intention is not to impress people!

    I just want to make sure that they know what happen if they run wild.

    But, Qum is okay with me 🙂

  4. Santor the Iranian leaders don’t care, they belong to the sect that thinks there must be literal hell on earth before the Mahdi will return, and Ahmadinejad thinks he was born to bring back the Mahdi. If you do things your way they will use the nukes and laugh as ours reign down, if the US or Israel bombs them they will laugh because this is part of the fulfillment of their prophecy. There is no good solution, there are only choices of bad solutions, in my opinion we should bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities on a 24/7 basis for at least one month and pray it kills enough scientists that the program is set back a decade or more. We won’t but we should.

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