Did the US assist in creating the newest sharia-Islamic state in Syria?

The US armed and provided intel as well as fired upon Libyan targets,to assist Al-Queda and other fighters to overthrow Qadaffi (sp) and helped create what is clearly rapidly becoming a sharia fanatical state, and an oil rich one at that, in North Africa.

Recently there have been several reports of the US arming and equipping rebels in Syria against Asaad’s regime and presumably Iran’s presence there. The results were 100% predictable.

I do not understand why the US would overthrow a century’s worth of policy rooted in stability to move to one which is rooted in violent, hostile theocracies and ones which are it their very core, anti-western.

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8 Replies to “Did the US assist in creating the newest sharia-Islamic state in Syria?”

  1. No doubt. As in Lybia. The last two Muslim states were Christians are not specially targeted as such. The only ones not flooding Europe with inmigrants.

    And I do not think this would be done without the encouragement of Israel, that powerful ally, “the only democracy in the ME”, and bla, bla, bla.

  2. I do not like this new drag box thing. lost my post again.

    Amdg. what two Muslim states were christian?
    Egypt hasn’t been a christian state in centuries.

    Lebanon and Kosovo were christian states.

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    I have gotten into the habit of copying my comment to the clipboard before trying to post it as I have lost a lot of comments and responses in the past few days as well. I am thinking its a Sweet Captcha problem and they are working on it, (I hope) as I had no problems till a few days ago.

  4. Nuking Mecca will become necessary. If Muslims want to take revenge, they will burn in hell. After all, by taking revenge, they prove Allah is an idol that cannot defend itself. It is their own logic when they destroy “idols” of others. The civil war in Syria is the revenge of all the spiritual forces they humiliated by destroying their “idols”.

  5. Of course Obama helped them, he is a Marxist-Moslem who pretends to be a Christian, look at how he is attacking Christianity in the US.

  6. America is the perfect “world leader” for Islam at this time. America doesn’t know (or give a damn about) the world and the History it has woven. Hubris has been layered over the ignorance with the belief that everyone in the world just really wants to be from Iowa. I don’t see any relief in sight coming from America no matter which party is in.

  7. Actually a lot of the ignorance comes from the left dumbing down the history books, after all if the facts of history were taught you couldn’t make the West out to be the villain, at least not in most cases.

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