Government of Iran creates Hitler fan site.

I received an email from a good friend who is an activist for women, and for that matter, human rights within Iran. She forwarded an email from a friend of hers who works within the regime to try and bring awareness to the outside world of just how awful the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) actually is.

She posted a link to the site which is in Farsi, but here is a screen shot of a google translation from the front page.

I am reliably informed that the ‘about us’ pages are the most horrifying, if anyone has the patience and desire to google-translate and read through them.

I think it bears repeating at this point, that the country actually changed its name from Persia, its ancient name through empires and civilizations, to Iran, as a tribute to Hitler, Iran being Farsi for ‘Ayrian’.

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  1. And the Left continually tells us that Iran’s belligerence and incitement to genocide is just a defense against the real enemy: imperialist Israel, which threatens to take over their country.

    How seriously bent can a secular humanist be that he still would believe his own good-intentions-paving-the-road-to-hell.

  2. The article on the Nazi site says Stalingrad was “the most important battle”?
    Ask a historian of your choice about his view on that point. The Mullahs like the Führer, true love <3

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