Iran confirms sending troops to Syria

YNET News:

Islamic Republic admits its forces are aiding Assad’s regime in crackdown on pro-democracy protesters; UN’s tally of fatalities in Syrian uprising is at 13,000

Dudi Cohen

Published:05.27.12, 18:11 / Israel News

Iran confirmed Sunday that it has, as previously speculated, sent troops to aid President


The United Nations and human rights groups estimate that over 13,000 people have been killed in Syria since the uprising began in March 2011 – 9,200 of them civilians.

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  • he added, “Had physically and non-physically stopped the rebels from killing many more among the Syrian people.” This was a rare admission by an Iranian official that Tehran was truly aiding the Damascus regime.

    The quote was later removed from ISNA’s website.

    Aiding Assad. Revolutionary Guards (Photo: Reuters)

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