Mayo clinic fires doctor for advocating and performing female genital mutilation

Revoke the Certifications of Hatem Elhagaly

From the Mayo:

Dr. Elhagaly is no longer employed or caring for patients at Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea. We are working with his patients to transition their care to another physician. Because this is a personnel issue, we cannot comment further on Dr. Elhagaly’s employment status.

Female circumcision in children, referred to as female genital mutilation in U.S. legal statutes, is a felony-level child abuse crime. Mayo Clinic strongly opposes the procedure and it has never been performed at any Mayo Clinic facility.

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4 Replies to “Mayo clinic fires doctor for advocating and performing female genital mutilation”

  1. Nice post Eeyore…….Go Vlad!!!

    Here’s some info on the good Doctor…..

    Here are a couple of telephone numbers.

    Please call the the good Dr’s office at


    and ask to speak to “Dr. Aly”….they have given him that folksy little abbreviation at the clinic. If he is not there leave a message. (He won’t be there but call anyway….)

    Then call Patty Hareit, Mayo Clinic Public Relations, at


    and leave a comment on the answering machine.

    I left a comment indicating I was going to contact the Mayo Clinic’s donors and benefactors and inquire as to why the good doctor was allowed to practice his brand of Middle Eastern Magic in the first place.

    Then email the clinic with your comments at:

    A person in his home state needs to file official complaints in order to trigger an official and comprehensive investigation, complaints need to be filed with the FBI, State Police and Local Police….then complaints need to be filed with all Federal and State oversight bodies and regulatory agencies.

    Lets have this bastard’s licenses pulled, then lets have him criminally charged if he performed any mutilations…..then let us deport him.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada


  2. …and I should have put a H/T to Don L for the tip on this post as well. But if you saw what I was in the middle of working on, well you will soon actually, you will hopefully understand why I sometimes forget important details that I really should not forget. So thanks for the tip on that one. Keep em coming.

    In about an hour or so, there should be a new video posted that I think it really quite something. A section of a live TV debate from April 28 between Dr. Wafa Sultan and Sheik Omar something or other, who was the mentor of the 7/7 bombers.

    He is quite candid in this clip. I think everyone needs to see it. I hope they do.

  3. How about a compromise. Clitorectomies may be performed by ‘Dr.’ Elhagaly if he is willing to surgically excise the homologous organ.

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