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8 Replies to “Small Australian Island has massive Muslim welfare cheat problem”

  1. The poor man moaning and groaning at the beginning of the video is obviously in pain. Where’s Allah when you need him . . .

  2. Never trust them, haven’t you learned this yet? And if there’s a scam to be done, they’ve had centuries to perfect the art of scamming.

    How stupid are Australians, supporting the colonists in paradise so they can breed more colonists in style?

  3. What do you expect? Australian Labor Party is riddled with political correctness and scared of appearing to offend its own discrimination laws. Muslims on the mainland are equally aware of the ease with which they can hoodwink Centrelink and Dept of Immigration.
    The people on Cocos are NOT Australians regardless of any formality they have been through. They are Malays and their allegiance is to Islam the most violent political ideology masked by a religion that has existed and that includes Nazism and Communism. Where is the political will of the Labor govt under whomsoever to abolish these rorts and fraudsters?

  4. $53,000 per person per year in benefits.

    That is more than most people make who pay taxes.

    Only a liberals could do that to honest working people.

    Liberalism is either a mental disorder or a criminal racket. Benefits are given out in order to “rent” the allegiances of a mob to vote for the racketeers or to show up for demonstrations.

    People who wanted to be tribunes often rented mobs to intimidate the opposition and to buy votes.

    Sane Sh_t different day. The liberals are doing nothing new. they just dress up their action with sanctimonious flowery language.

  5. Red, in terms of Australia your comment should read “Greens” and “Labor” rather than Liberals. The Liberal/National Party Coalition is the conservative opposition more focussed on tackling rorts like this. And of course the new “Rise Up Australia Party” would also take action as well.

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