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12 Replies to “Tomorrow belongs to …”

  1. Wow! That was excellent!

    You could add footage of them running amok at that aborted EDL protest and others, added shots of “sharia will rule” or “burn burn xxx” and made the “do you still think you can control them” the very last shot. The combining of kinetic imagery with the melodic song might be pretty intense.

    I was taught in film school that adding anything extranious distracts or takes away from the message of a film. The shot of the british chick watching the demonstration isn’t needed as it doesn’t add to the message of the video. The shot of the guy rolling out the carpet similarly isn’t needed. But the long shot of the thousands praying was perfect for this.

  2. The use of Joel Grey’s cabaret perfromer is confusing as it’s unclear as to what he represents in regards to your message other than something sinister yet undefined. It doesn’t quite say wiemar decadence (he looks fascistic) and it doesn’t quite say sinister threat of islamic fascism either (he doesn’t look islamic). Removing it would not result in something being missing but actually make the video tighter.

    You could replace footage of marchers ect from the back with shots of marchers/demostrators ect from the front. The threat isn’t going away from us. It’s coming towards us/is here already.

    I do see now how the girl could be a representation of us watching this happen – but I’m not sure if that is necessary. It may even put us at a position of remove from what is happening. That may be something you want at that point in the vid or not.

    Mainly we focus on her watching rather than what she is watching. If you intend that then fine but if you don’t then it could be replaced with something else of similar feel.

    I’ve worked as a proffessional editor and have taught at college level. The advice is intended to assist you in strengthening your personal message – not to impose my own personal aestetics.

  3. The shot combined with the music at 1:27 literally gives me chills – and continues to do so with repeated viewings.

  4. Vlad – all of your videos are truly excellent, but by far this one is the very best. It’s extremely powerful, and I wouldn’t change anything. I hope it goes viral.

    I lost your e-mail address when my previous computer died. Please write when you have the time.

  5. I really like your video. The Joel Grey character reminded me of some sinister , evil type. I think it works.

    If you have time and I know you don’t would you consider interspersing the following piece of islamic dawah BS with images of beheading, stonings, FGM, hangings etc., you know, all the joys of sharia? I don’t know it it’s legal or not but it needs to be countered with the truth.


  6. Nice vidéo, and that takes time to build it. I filmed a part of it in Paris (muslim prays in the street). Why didn’t you insert the name of each town and country in Europe where muslims are ?

  7. Thank you. That is an excellent idea and actually, I had planned to do exactly that and then got all excited and uploaded it too early. This is a common issue for me. Ask any of my ex-girlfriends.

    But I think based on this observation I will redo it and add the cities. I did try and make sure there is a clue in each scene as to where it is. The Paris one has a French sign. Moscow, famous buildings. But I think you are right, I will re do it perhaps tonight and maybe add Greece and Italy as well.

    Thank you for all your hard work filming this. If you have more and better video of street scenes in France, could you skype me the raw camera files so I can use them in this or similar projects?

    Thank you again.

  8. Actually it was a great idea for you to upload this even though you didn’t think it was quite finished. Hollywood studios pay millions for focus group feeback. Why shouldn’t you get some for free?

    If you are still working on it then I will add one more suggestion.

    The 3 shots of agiator-hitler youth- guy saying “so you still think you can…” are FRIKKIN GENIUS! but the joel grey shot distracts from the oomph you just delivered. The burning poppy is not so clear – we know what it is but its not graphicly obvious on it’s own. It also conveys insult and annoyance but not danger – but it does transition nicely to the world on fire.

    What you could do is put in shots of izlamonazis going berzerk in the street (in slo mo or normal)- this drives home to us your message that the smug fool who is being asked “so you still think you can control them?” obviously cannot.

    Then again I edit music videos, commercials and features which are not the same thing as internet video (not better- just different). I stand by what I said if this were to be broadcast or shown theatrically but my advice might be completely worthless or unecessary as far as internet video goes.

  9. It is the new Neuenburg Rallies rising up and bending over to cause my hours of misery for the people that are concidered infdels of those towns.
    This will not end good.

  10. Very good.

    The flames are growing larger as we set here, but like the Nazi’s the Moslems are wrong, the future doesn’t belong to them until after the fighting is over.

  11. I invite all european patriots to film as much as you can muslims behavior everywhere in the streets, in the building,in the supermarkerts, even in theire mosques if possible and to download videos in plates-forms as Mrc or RuTube. Internet is cruelly lacking of videos showing the new totalitarism in action in our countries and our towns. Use for instance little camera in Hd1080p as kodak Zx3 but the best is to buy glasses with micro-camera to be in a stealth situation. Robin, french patriot.

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