Malaysian Islamic Party’s cultural cleansing of Buddhists

From People of Shambhala.

Flag of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party.

In the latest incident of cultural cleansing, a Malaysian Buddhist society, in the city of Kota Bharu, is being forced to build its new temple to look like a mosque.

Despite 30% of the inhabitants being Buddhist and Christian, the Malaysian city of Kota Bharu was declared to be officially Islamic in 2005 by the Parti Islam SeMalaysia, or Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS).

Since Then the Kota Baru Municipal Council (KBMC) has instituted a number of sharia laws in an attempt to Islamize the public space.

Due to a provision introduced by PAS, which heads the state government the Kelantan Buddhist Association is now being “forced to comply with Islamic regulations for their building’s design,” reports the Malaysian Chronicle.

According to the Chronicle, the temple’s “windows must contain Islamic features and cylindrical-shaped domelike shapes. The provision has denied the unique… read more.

4 Replies to “Malaysian Islamic Party’s cultural cleansing of Buddhists”

  1. When in Malaysia do as the Muslims do, when in the West do… as the Muslims do.

    Islam is not pragmatic. The anti-philosophical skepticism of pragmatic progressivism is debilitating. Unilateral agnosticism as a path to tolerance is a dead end.

  2. They want the buddhists to pay for it and build it. When they’re done they just take it over. If the buddhists are lucky, they they escape but alive. If not, I think we’re all aware of what the koranimals are capable of.

  3. Presently, Malaysian Muslims are some of the most hypocritical and selfish scumbags of humanity you can find on this planet. I’m from Malaysia BTW, so I believe I know my stuff. These people like to cry about how their kind is oppressed in other countries, while conveniently ignoring that they themselves are just the same ethnocentric piece of shit. These religious nutjobs have a sick self-righteous complex and actually think they are better than everybody else in this world. All these racist and religious nutjobs deserve is a bullet through their head and Malaysia will be a better place for everybody to live, regardless of race and religion.

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