An amusing confrontation between atheists at a conference, and Muslims

I am still trying to piece together the details on this event. But no matter which video I watch, I can’t help but wonder how the media and police etc. would treat a large group of atheists if they were to go and chant threats at a Muslim demonstration in the same country. I think we all know the answer. Once again we see how sharia and islamic supremacism is implemented through fear in what are meant to be classically liberal nations.

Australia April 2012

This first video (Thanks Don L) seems to be taken by one of the ‘infidels’. I must say they have some amusing chants.

This one is from the dark side.

This one is an official video of the dark site where they edit out the mocking songs of the atheists and put in the usual Mustard-chants and cannon sounds and lions roaring.

Thanks again to Don L for all this info. As much as I think an atheist conference would be hard to understand, (How does one get together with others to talk about what one doesn’t believe in?) I think it is critically important to take note of the double standard here and do something about it. Write some letters, make some calls etc.

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  1. of course one can talk about what one does not believe in; you after all talk about islam… there are more christians than not siding with islam; that is why islam is able to make such inroads into our civilization. there are even jews who side with islam. everybody who believes in the freedom of religion has to side with why wouldn´t there be atheists who side with islam? there are also the atheists who recognize the human need for religion, even though they cannot understand it, but atheists can also discriminate between religion that does good and religion that does harm.

  2. said, “atheists can also discriminate between religion that does good and religion that does harm.”

    I haven’t seen that very much with atheists. It does sometimes happen by not very often.

    More often they equate Islam with Christianity

  3. A day will come when Atheists realise that NOT all religions are the same and that only Islam is dangerous – the real Cuckoo in God’s nest!
    This will take time however and more damage may be done in the meantime.
    In my experience, most hardcore Atheists are in reality Christianity-haters, nothing more, nothing less. Ask an Atheist why he believes that God does not exist, he will immediately attack the Bible, ignoring the dozens of other beliefs and creation theories that exist. These hardliners treat Atheism as their own religion and campaign and proselytize with the same evangelical fury as any other religious cranks.
    Atheists need to focus on the real issues and stop taking sides. A Christian or Jewish society would never be a threat to them or their opinions, but an Islamic society definitely would!
    I am hoping that a day will come when all Atheists, Agnostics, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists realize who their real enemy is, and unite together against that abhorrent, Satanic cult called Islam!

  4. When Islam was sweeping through Europe and in areas we today call the middle east the western powers were fighting each other nearly as much as against their real enemy.

    If they united I think they may have had a fighting chance on holding back the horde

  5. classic ahteism started in greece, was it socrates? modern atheism grew out of christianity,when the era of enlightenment and reason made it impossible for some to believe in the god that christianity presented. remember that until very recently the whole western civilization was christian and believed that only christianity was a religion; all other religions were considered pagan and therefore only worthy of anthropological study.atheists who can not recognize what a horror islam is have lost their enlightnment and reason and succumbed to fanaticism. pat condel is by the way atheist who recognizes the horror of islam.a true atheist must repudiate all manmade religions.

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