Hindu temple desecrated with cow meat and green paint

From People of Shambhala.

Three months ago Muslims in the state of Kerala slaughtered a pregnant cow inside a Hindu temple. The cow is considered sacred in Hinduism.

Now, an indefinite curfew has been imposed on the Madannapet and Saidabad areas of Hyderabad, India, following the desecration of a Hindu temple on Sunday also by Muslims.

The Hindu temple is located in a predominantly Muslim area. The walls were splashed with green paint, and cow meat was thrown inside.

Hindus revere cows and consider them to be sacred animals. Killing a cow is a sin in Hinduism. The attackers probably used green paint as this is the color of… read more.

2 Replies to “Hindu temple desecrated with cow meat and green paint”

  1. muslims act like juvenile delinquents who never grew up..
    How depraved muslims are.
    Maybe all the Hindu temples should be surrounded by pigs to keep the vermin Out.

  2. Through out their history the Moslems desecrate all holy buildings and sites of other religions, they do this to make it harder for the other religions to exist. The only time this policy hasn’t worked was on the Iberian peninsula so the Moslems are unlikely to change a successful tactic.

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