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One Reply to “California Muslim women probably killed in honour crime for wanting divorce. Not a hate crime. As we all knew already.”

  1. Hmmmmmm…….

    Something stinks to high heaven about this…..and it has from day one….

    This is obviously the work of a graduate from the “MOHAMMAD SHAFIA ACADEMY OF MIDDLE EASTERN MELODRAMA AND MARITAL BLISS”…..

    I can see Alawadi now in Gaza at the PALLYWOOD AWARDS……….crocodile tears streaming down his face…..clutching his GOLDEN DONAIR AWARD for best performance at an honour killing funeral……….”I want to thank the Academy, the boys down at the Shisha House……..oh yeah, and that bitch wife of mine, Shaima, without whom none of this would have been possible”!!! (the speech followed by thundering applause…thundering applause occasionally punctuated by the dull crumph of suicide bombers setting themselves alight all up and down Main Street Gaza in celebration)

    On a note a little closer to home…….it seems these revelations as to the guilty party have thrown the poultry industry into an uproar…..chickens across North America are threatening strike action due to the ramped up production levels owing to the one million eggs needed for the one million red faces of the “ONE MILLION HIJABS” campaign…………

    I wonder who is going to set up a Facebook page for the one million self absorbed liberal assholes who jump to conclusions without taking into account the long track record of muslim men who would rather “off” their wives instead of cooking their own breakfast…..or making their own beds….or getting their own samiches…….

    Ahhhhhh….the religion of peace……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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