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7 Replies to “‘4th trimester’ abortions in Canada, punishment free, and more irrational leftism”

  1. The realm of madness…….sheer bloody madness that leaves in its wake the bodies of the murdered and the ravaged souls of the murderers…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Some bio-ethicist are saying that the parents should have up to one year to decide if they should kill their baby.

    The right of self defense is a basic right the left hates, the left has worked hard to remove this right from all nations.

  3. “After birth abortion” has been implied to be endorsed by the eugenically-oriented Journal of Medical Ethics, since they have just published an article euphemizing first degree murder.

  4. Here in the states it is destroying the liberal agenda, the liberal states are losing population and political power to the conservative states.

  5. Nothing new with this story. This has been going on for decades and our liberal judges are largely to blame for not applying the law equally between the genders. First tho’ they would have to start applying the law to a level warranted by murder.

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