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5 Replies to “Mark Steyn. Australia”

  1. Mark is absolutely right. This is very alarming. Britain appears to be lost. Perhaps the Queen should be relocated to Australia just as soon as the Labor fascists are clobbered at the next election….

  2. Mr. Steyn hits the mark(no pun intended) once again. A brilliant & timely speech. Now we need to get our butts in gear and do something about it now. I for one refuse to allow the government or the elite to tell me what I can legally think, feel, say or write, and I will fight any and all efforts to make me do so.

    Lets not be reactive, instead we must be pro-active in our fight for free speech. Start today by writing to the PM and be sure to cc your MP. Make sure you ask a question that needs to be answered if you want a reply. Please don’t just sit there and wait for others to fight your battle because from what I see that’s NOT going to happen. It’s up to you.

    And I’ll say it again & again until people get it, if you lose your freedom of speech it is the beginning of the end of all your other freedoms and that’s not ok with me. If I wanted that I’d convert to islam and let some imam dictate how I’m required to live every aspect of my life, no thought or freedom involved.

  3. Forget the current PM, we need to influence the incoming Coalition Gov’t. You are right though When Pigs Fly. Action is required.

  4. I wish more people were listening to him, and more important understanding what he is saying, the left will ignore him because the facts are uncomfortable to them. To stop the discomfort they will attempt to silence him.

    Long may he live and long may he continue to hold the lefts feet to the fire.

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