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6 Replies to “Toronto bookstore also sells ‘how to’ for jihad against Canadians”

  1. One way to curb this published garbage is to limit the number of people who would want to buy it. The way to limit the number of people who would buy this garbage is to stop the immigration of anyone who originates from an Islamic country. Then we can deal with the few mentally disturbed individuals born in this country who think life in Canada is worth destroying.

  2. OxAO, the left gets so much mileage out of, let’s see, was it two people who murdered abortion doctors, let’s see… 15 years ago? By Christians? In fact, Christian groups denounced these murders.

    In retrospect, those two murders have proven to be extremely useful for the anti-Christian left. Useful in identifying someone who’s brain dead.

  3. Muslims like Tarek Fatah and Judi Jasser are the only kind of moderate muslim there is. All others, because of their silence, an only be fairly referred to as Complicit Muslims or Complaicent Muslims.

  4. How long is it going to take for people to work up the nerve to admit that it is the Quran itself that commands Believers to attack non-Believers? Why bother banning these little booklets when the official holy books of Islam teach the same message. Islam is at war with us and we must start by working up the nerve to admit that Islam is at war with us, not some sect or book or Imam – the whole religion of Islam. Islam is a genocidal faith that has managed to stay together for 1400 years and is now the fastest growing religion in the world. They will eliminate us completely if we give them a chance. There won’t be any sign that we were ever here if they are allowed to win.

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