Sign at Wegmans draws attention

Another ‘one way street’ for Islam. I for example, am uncomfortable dealing with Muslims because of their, ‘kill all the unbelievers’ policy among a thousand other objectionable things in their religion. But I can’t see Wegman’s replacing this cashier with one I am comfortable with on my account even though the reasoning is identical.


Posted at: 03/30/2012 4:59 PM | Updated at: 03/30/2012 5:47 PM
By: Ray Levato |

It’s a first for Wegmans in this area. They’ve put up a sign asking customers buying pork or alcohol not to use a particular checkout line when a Muslim teenager is on duty as the cashier.

The sign went up a week ago at their Lyell Avenue store.

Wegmans says they haven’t gotten any in store complaints and Wegmans was very upfront about the cashier. They just wouldn’t allow us in the store to talk with her or customers.

Spokeswoman Jo Natale says the cashier is a teenaged girl who wears a head covering. She told her supervisor she was uncomfortable handling those items because of religious reasons. So the store manager who had experience with this type of situation outside of Rochester decided to put up a small sign whenever the girl was at the checkout counter.

It says, “If your order contains pork or alcohol product, we respectfully ask that you choose another lane.”

Wegmans also says the girl has been coached what to say if customers ask why. People News10NBC spoke with outside the Lyell Avenue Wegmans store said they were okay with it and one even knows Christians who don’t like the idea of serving alcohol.

Bernard Thomas said, “I feel like if they’re going to hire her and she’s got to have the job, why shouldn’t we respect her. Just go to another cashier.”

Darlene Hucko said, “I would respect her beliefs and go to the next line if I had alcohol.
Levato said, “You think that’s okay.”
Hucko said, “I think it is okay.”

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12 Replies to “Sign at Wegmans draws attention”

  1. Well, that is very broad-minded and accommodating of Wegmans . . . I wonder, though, if they would be equally accommodating if, say, a Catholic employee objected to selling red meat to customers during Lenten days of abstinence, or a Baptist objected to selling condoms to an obviously homosexual couple, or . . . but you get my thrust. Apparently, religious accommodation in our decadent Western societies is a function of the fear the accommodated religion generates; and modern Christians just ain’t scary.

  2. I am offended by islam. I want Wegman’s – and I was in one in Buffalo last week – to provide me with an islam-free shopping experience.

  3. I have never heard of anything so utterly ridiculous in my life

    Serving customers is the job, if she can’t do it, then get another job

  4. This is SO disappointing ………………………… late last fall, I saw some real estate for sale for commercial purposes – I eMailed Wegmans, asking that they look into purchasing the site, for a Wegmans store here in the Houston area {I became familiar with, and truly enjoyed shopping at Wegmans stores when I lived in Hershey & Scranton/Wilkes-Barre areas} – it’s a no-go at this time, because Wegmans’ quality control necessitates their warehouses be within commuting distance. I wonder if comparable accommodations would be made for, say, Amish or Mennonite who worked there?

    Truly, truly sad ……………………….

    Semper Fi’

  5. Who wants their food handled by a Muslim anyway? Boycott everything Islamic. “Take no friend among the believers” (goose and gander equality).

  6. I’d happily comply with their reasonable request. I’d go to another cashier in a rival store, and ensure the manager, directors and shareholders knew all about my decision.

  7. It’s that ‘not to be offended’ law, you know, the one called “Hate Speech” that puts young people in prison that everyone is so proud about. Little egos offended by truth and offended by lies. How can a lies offend you if you can simply ‘right back at ya’ with a truth?
    Oh, you can’t… because they get offened.

    The Muslim was already here before she came, which is why she feels so at ease sitting in the high chair.

  8. NO, NO, NO. This is not our culture. I’ve already refused being served by a nikab wearing clerk. Call me a racist. I just go shop somewhere else is all.

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