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3 Replies to “Michael Coren and Stephen Crowder on the current Latino-Black conflict”

  1. Very good, we are watching a high tech lynching that has the potential in turning into either a real lynching or a riot, and no one has the facts.

  2. Crowder is not good, and mainly comes across as a very silly person.

    I do not hope Coren is going to waste his time with him again on subjects that needs more, than Crowders standup-pop-conservatism is able to give.

    How about Peter Brimelow? He has been on Corens show before.

  3. From what I can read so far, the truth really hurts.The new generations can’t see things the way they really are because they have been brain washed by our education system. This is also one of the downside of social media which brings people to make irrational conclusions too quickly before the facts come out. This irrational behavior travel at the speed of the internet and feeds a frenzy of immature thinking. This is a sad environment for our society.

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