Danish short bus robbery

Islam Vs. Europe:

To prevent robberies many bank departments in certain areas are cashless – they do not handle large sums of cash and it says “cashless bank” on the door to discourage would-be bank robbers. Who robs a cashless bank and forgets to use his disquise? Idiot.
Translated by Nicolai Sennels, Ekstrabladet March 27th “Do you know this robber?“:

The wanted bank robber

“Unmasked robber in colourful jacket robbed Nordea Bank in Copenhagen’s North West

He did not do much to disquise himself or seem anonymous – the young man who Tuesday at 10:50 robbed Nordea Bank’s department at Frederikssundsvej 31 (part of Nørrebrogade) in Copenhagen’s North West.

He had brought a Spider Man mask with him into the bank but did not use it and left it in the bank.

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  1. Yeah a couple of decades ago a magazine in the States ran a column named the dumb crook of the month, I think this one wins hands down.

  2. In Sweden we have a popular palindrom that works in danish and norwegian too. Too bad it doesn’t work in english though. Smart arab, bara trams (smart arab, just bollocks).

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