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2 Replies to “Iran may attack New York”

  1. Can ya’ feel all that “peace and love and compassion” from the religion of pieces and perpetually and easily offended???

    All the while, the same hezbollah has training camps firmly established in 38 states from californiastan to new yorkistan….and the “leadership” of these states and of this country think nothing about it, yet if I were to step outside right now, at 3:56am, in countrified southeastern ohio and blast just 1/ 200 round drum from my Thompson, DHS would be encamped on my property within the hour…..what’s even more fucked up is the undeniable FACT that we’re funding these attacks with our hard earned money and TSA is still deep cavity searching 5 year old boys in wheelchairs and 90 year old white women whose oxygen tanks or water bottles and pureed foods “may look suspicious” while the full body wrapped and bagheads walk through airports, train stations and bus stops, unimpeeded….

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