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5 Replies to “Here is an interesting contrast.”

  1. Christians, although they believe that the Bible is a precious book, also know that books are replaceable and that there are many copies of the Bible in the World (Hello, you Muslim retards, have you never heard of the invention called printing?).
    Meanwhile Korang-utans (an insult, I know, to Orang-Utans as these apes are more intelligent than Muslims) do not seem to realise that people are not replaceable. But of course to a Muslim they are replaceable as Muslims have no value for human life and reproduce like putrefying bacteria.
    What a strange set of moral values these freaks have, as they consider a book (if you can call the badly-written rag the Koran a book!) to be more important than a human being. Just shows what a shallow, useless and stupid religion Islam is and what a decadent scumbag the Prophet Mohammed was.

  2. The U.S. shouldn’t have even been giving korans to the prisoners.

    The average afghan is no different from the taliban. The taliban is merely one of many competing groups who all have the same basic beliefs, but are fighting over power and drug money.

  3. The islaom-nazis in Afghanistan were screaming “Death to the Jews!!” americans and others should leave them to their fate. It won’t happen because they have found oil and mineral there, but Obama gave the Chinese permission to do the first drilling. So Americans are dying for what??

  4. The koranus must be the worst book ever written. Badly written even. I think I read 1/3 of it or something like that before I finally had it. All it was was a madman’s mad ramblings, side up and side down. Eventually I couldn’t take more of that nonsence and drivel. It also started to bore me seriously to the degree that it was more fun to watch paint dry. Still to this day I haven’t finished their unholy koranus. How anyone can hold this piece of crap in such high regard is beyond me. But obviously people deserves to be burned alive and beheaded for one destroyed koranus alone. Only arselifter logic can fathom that I guess.

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