Kidnappings, forced marriages of Hindu girls draw protests in Pakistan

From People of Shambhala.
Hindu girls are being kidnapped and forced to marry Muslim men in Pakistan, according to a number of largely Pakistani and Indian news sources. Between 15 and 20 Hindu girls are abducted each month and wedded to Muslim men in the province of Karachi. In the province of Sindh the number is even higher, with between 20 and 25 Hindu girls being kidnapped. Most are reportedly no more than 13 or 14 years old.

Radha “was abducted from Karachi about 13 months ago by a group of young men who offered her ice-cream and a ride in their car,” reports Pakistan Today. “Before she knew what was happening, she was dragged into a larger van, and driven to an area she did not know.” She was then forced to sign a number of legal forms and to convert to Islam in front of a Muslim cleric. After that she was… read more.

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