Site changes, comments and spam

Because of the number of spam comments and spam link backs I have been getting, so many in fact that it was tantamount to an attack of sorts, I have installed a new system for comments on the site. Some of you have already figured it out and are using it and I thank you for that. But I should probably explain it anyway.

I dislike captcha. I have to squint like hell to see the words, such as they are, and I get it wrong often several times in a row sometimes just giving up on it. This seems easier and as effective as captcha and almost ‘fun’ in a facile way. So please after you post your comment look under the edit field you typed in, and solve the little puzzle thingy and then it will be posted right away.

This will save me litterally an hour or more a day of clicking and sorting fake from real.

Thanks for your understanding and continued patronage.


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12 Replies to “Site changes, comments and spam”

  1. Captcha prevents my participation at several blogger sites whether I attempt the visual or audio variations – even multiple times. This new version works on most occassions. The only trouble I’ve had – ends with a message stating ‘ couldn’t connect to server’ & I have to try again – but only once each on a couple of posts. . .including this one. I’ve gotten in the habit of copy/paste each comment prior to hitting enter- just in case. Yes, this new version is much more appealing. Thanks.

  2. Thank you. Thank you Thank you. I hated playing captcha roulette. This system is user friendly and has worked first time every time I’ve tried it.

  3. “Eeyore says:
    February 29, 2012 at 3:43 pm
    How did you get the comment there then? Maybe it doesn’t ask people who are already registered.”

    posted from home.
    the captcha device server seems a bit lazy, i have messages such as “cannot contact server” several times.

  4. I also hate captcha and for the same reason. Either they’re bloody hard to read or they tell me it was the wrong code although I know I put in the right one. Very annoying.

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