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10 Replies to “Ezra and Pamela Geller on the Zombie Moe verdict”

  1. She said the judge was not a muslim, but I read that he was.

    THIS is an example of why states are trying to pass anti-sharia amendments to their state constitutions.

  2. He said he was a muslim on the tape but I honestly believe that was a slip of the tongue.
    Some others said he wasn’t that claimed to know him personally and he was talking about Muslims as ‘they’

    Either way it is irrelevant to the case in my opinion he clearly used laws from other countries to make his verdict disregarding even the defendants own testimony that clearly shown he was harassing the victim. When he said he intentionally went to disrupt the parade while the victim was entertaining in order to get in the victims way (close enough to push) and yell at him.

  3. Mark Martin’s credibility is in question. The audio and transcript reveal Martin stating he is Muslim and was offended because he was a muslim. Then, with Martin’s response to the negative outcry against his decision to dismiss the case, he insists he is and has been Lutheran for decades. As noted above, his personal beliefs are his problem and not an issue for the courtroom. The issue is the totally unacceptable introduction of religious & foreign justice parameters into Martin’s reasoning for this decision in an American court room.
    It’s also interesting to note that CAIR has been absent to this point. One can only imagine discussions in that seditious nut-house contemplating whatever concocted reasonings they can conjur for Martin’s & Elbayomy’s defence.

  4. The victim, if he cannot appeal, should file a civil suit. More should march wearing the exact thing he was wearing. The after that, twice as many should march wearing the exact thing. The guy needs a Legal Fund and help because this is a freedom of speech issue and an unconstitutional use of sharia law.

  5. The more I read about muslim and other related stories the more I realize that money is involved. This judgement is so unbelievable that it is clear for me that this judge received money or has some friends who asked him for a favor in return of whatever.
    It is too obvious. He really should be suspended and removed.
    This is a very annoying situation.

  6. My Email was about the case as he claims he made his verdict which is still wrong.
    I didn’t mention Islam intentionally.

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