Eric Allen Bell, Nonie Darwish and Mark Tapson Join The Glazov Gang

Here are two segments from a round table discussion with some interesting people with interesting experiences. The page where it came from is here. Plenty more background and info there as well.

Also, this interview with the film-maker, Eric Bell was done last night by Michael Coren and is very interesting.

I have read a good part of Jamie’s book, ‘United in Hate’, and it is an excellent read on how leftism works and why it is in a seemingly paradoxical alliance with Islam. While most readers of Vlad would enjoy it, there would likely not be that much that is actually new in it for them. But it would make a great gift to those soft leftists we all know who have the same core values, individual liberty, freedom of conscience etc., but think the new left is the side that actually represents them.

Part III of this discussion is advertised to be published today. Click here to see if it is available

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